How is Following Their Voices being implemented?

Each school participating in Following Their Voices has a Strategic Change Leadership Team who are responsible for school-based implementation of the initiative. The Strategic Change Leadership Team, made up of an in-school administrator, a Lead Teacher, a School-based Facilitator and a school division/education authority lead, are trained by a team of Following Their Voices Provincial Facilitators at provincial professional learning and development sessions. The Strategic Change Leadership Team, in turn, provides professional learning and development to the teachers in their school. The School-based Facilitator works with each teacher by:

  • observing teachers teaching and their students’ engagement;
  • providing feedback to each observed teacher to co-construct a goal and action plan to support students’ growth; and
  • providing ongoing support.

First Nations and Métis Elders provided guidance during the development of the Following Their Voices initiative. They continue to provide advice and guidance throughout involvement in  the planning and delivery of provincial professional learning and development and ongoing committee work. 

How will we know if Following Their Voices will make a difference?

Metrics are available here.

Can any school participate?

Following Their Voices targets schools with high populations of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students in both provincial and federal systems. 

How does a school get involved?

If a school is interested in implementing Following Their Voices, please contact:

c/o Priority Action Team
2220 College Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 4V9 

. . . FTV has supported our staff in a renewal of instructional strategies, relationship development and commitment to our students. The processes to support FTV, such as Huddles, PLD sessions and classroom observations have ensured that teacher isolation at our school is a thing of the past.

— Administrator, Following Their Voices School